Deacons, translated from the Greek word diakonos means servant. Though all Christians are servants, these men are set apart in regard to their work as a “servant” which Philippians 1:1 illustrates for us when they are specifically referred to as “deacons” just as the elders of church at Philippi are specifically referred to as “overseers”. These men are appointed to take care of some business to be accomplished (Acts 6:3). Just like the office of elder which has specific qualifications so does a deacon (Acts 6:3; 1 Timothy 3:8-13).

The Bible teaches that to qualify for the work of a deacon a man must:
  • Like the elders be men of dignity
  • Be beyond reproach
  • Be sound in the Word
  • Be the husband of one wife
  • Be good managers of their children
  • Be good managers of their household

The Bible also teaches that a deacon cannot:

  • Be double-tongued
  • Be addicted to wine
  • Be fond of sordid gain
  • Be new converts

Currently, we are without Deacons.

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